Campagne C29: Hamsta, Join Da Fun!

Meet the Hamstas, a group of funny fluffy balls with a big mouth and an even bigger ego. It is not for nothing that muser OfficialSaraDolx was asked to speak to one of the voices...

We are looking for 7 Musers for this campaign in which we do not promote a product but simply show the world that Hamstas are great fun. We pay a fixed fee per video + a bonus for every video that gets a feature. This bonus is between 250 and 1000 euros per video in addition to your normal fee. The campaign lasts for 1 week.  [Read the full description]

Enrollment will end at on Monday, June 12, 2018 15:00.
After acceptance, a briefing will follow by e-mail.




Name: Hamstra Brand Awareness UK
Campaign code: C29
Register until: 12-05-2018
For who: Members of Creator Network
Compensation: In consultation
Output: 1 or more video on
Period: Places in 2nd week of June
Organizer: Creator Network
Contact person: Dennis Weber (Campaignmanager)
Phone: +31 (0)681158346




If you are approved for this campaign, you will receive confirmation within a few days with more information by email

(1)  JoanneLopes (NL)
(2)  OfficialSaarX (NL)
(3)  Marcorondas (BE)
(4)  AntonieLokhorst (NL)
(5)  Quinten____ (NL)
(6)  Ljcleave (UK)
(7)  AlexCleave (UK)
(8)  OfficialCasX

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