Campagne C29: Hamsta, Join Da Fun!

Meet the Hamstas, a group of funny fluffy balls with a big mouth and an even bigger ego.
It is not for nothing that Sara Dol was asked to speak to one of the voices...

Hamstas speak their own language, Hamstanglish they call it, you should hear it! The products will soon be sold around the world.
These can be cuddly toys, clothes, stickers, pens, hundreds of products.

We are looking for 7 Musers for this campaign in which we do not promote a product but simply show the world that Hamstas are great fun.
We pay a fixed fee per video + a bonus for every video that gets a feature. This bonus is between 250 and 1000 euros per video in addition to your normal fee. The campaign lasts for 1 week.

The selected participants are divided into different groups, each with their own task.
You get everything you need at home. After registration, we will calculate the compensation for you based on your profile.

Enrollment will end at 12:00 on Monday, June 4, 2018. After acceptance, a briefing will follow by e-mail.