Collaborating with Creators on TikTok

More than 760 million people worldwide use the TikTok app. So how can you utilize it to reach Generation Z? It is the most popular app for making videos in 20 countries, especially among young users, Millennials & Generation Z.

Use TikTok to reach your target audience in an economical manner. The most popular Creators from Europe and America are part of Creator Network, with a daily reach of millions of people. Our Creators create unique content around your brand or product that will be shared with millions of fans and followers. This branded content is unique and tells your story in a special way.




Coca-Cola was able to successfully use TikTok / as a platform and its popular musers. After three years, the #ShareaCoke campaign had to be revitalized. The first names on the bottles were replaced by song lyrics. was used to stimulate the online conversation. It turned out to be the perfect match. Via the lyrics on the bottles came to life. In total, more than 900,000 videos from the target group were submitted with a combined range of 200 million views.


Besides Coca-Cola, companies such as Disney, Universal, Warner Bros, Studio 100 and brands such as Nesle, Kit-Kat and Dunkin 'Donuts found their way to TikTok.

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